New Salt and Sand Spreader RPS-6000 with 6m3 capacity is made for spreading de-icing agents. Allowable outside temperature is from -40°С to +40°С.

The Spreader should be mounted on a truck using a crane.

The Salt Spreader RPS-6000 is a perfect investment.

Salt and Sand Spreader RPS-6000 TM TICAB is a perfect solution for de-icing the streets and highways.


RPS-6000 characteristics:

➤ Recommended velocity up to 30 km / h.
The spreading density is 350 g/m2.
➤ The spreading width is up to 10m.
Width and density regulation from the Spreader body.
➤ Disc spreader stainless steel. Position regulating.
PTO connection.
➤ Feed mechanism – conveyor chain.
Adjusting the spreading angle.
➤ Protective awning.
«ON» / «OFF» from the driver’s cab.

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