New Salt Spreader RPS-1500 TM TICAB, 2.0 cu yd. RPS-1500 combines the power of a muni-style spreader with a compact size that fits in the truck bed with a minimum 14,000 lb GVW (gross vehicle weight). The 2 cubic yard spreader handles bulk salt or a salt/sand mix. The RPS Spreader are built for the professional snow and ice removal specialist.

Salt Spreader RPS-1500 TM TICAB use an efficient auger conveyor system to provide positive delivery control with no material carry-back into the truck bed.


RPS-1500 characteristics:

➤ Fits trucks with minimum 14,000 lb GVW (gross vehicle weight).
In-cab closed-loop controller with independent conveyor/auger and spinner speeds, and vibrator control.
➤ A quality coverage for wet-protection.
Spread width up to 30 ft.
➤ “Swing away” chute for bulk uploading.
Drive mechanisms – hydraulic autonomous. – Spreads bulk salt, bulk sand, or a salt/sand mix.
➤ High quality, 304 stainless steel construction for optimum corrosion resistance (for bulk salt).
Feed mechanism – conveyor chain.

Salt Spreader RPS-1500 is mounted on an all stainless steel frame and drive support to give you a spreader that will provide you years of service.

With TICAB you have:

– brand-new equipment for road maintenance and repair;
– prices from manufacturer;
– worldwide delivery;
– one year warranty;
– free online service.


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