Removable salt and sand spreaders with 120l capacity are used for spreading de-icing agents. Allowable outside temperature is from -40°С to +40°С.
The Spreader is easily attached to the rear bumper.

Salt Spreader RPS-120 TM TICAB is a perfect solution for de-icing at your home street and parking place.

The Salt Spreader RPS-120 is a perfect investment.


RPS-120 characteristics:

➤ Capacity 120l.

➤ The disc is made of stainless steel, diameter 350 mm.

➤ The spreading density is 60 g/m2.

➤ The spreading width is 1,8 m – 2 m (depends on a rear bumper height).

➤ Power supply: 12V (30A) from the car cigarette lighter.

➤ «ON»/ «OFF» via car panic button.

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