Model RA-500 – specifications

– The volume of the thermal bunker: 0,43 m3 (4,5 sq ft.)
– Construction: double-layer thermo- isolated tank. Burner power: 45 kWt (60 hp).

– Fuel: propane gas. Gas cylinder is not included!
– Heating methods: infrared heater blanket.

– Productivity: 2-2,5 tons. (4500-5500 lb.) asphalt within 8 hours (1 gas cylinder with a volume of 40 l (10,5 gal).


  • The recycler is s appropriate for patching potholes, utility cuts and other small asphalt repairs year round regardless of the outside temperature.
  • Using the recycler saves on the purchase of asphalt material and there is no need to remove the remains of the broken old surface to the landfill.
  • Independence from the work of the asphalt plant.
  • Fast and inexpensive renovation of roads.
  • Warranty: 1 year.

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