Bitumen emulsion sprayer BS-500 PRO

BS-500 PRO bitumen emulsion sprayer is designed for priming before laying asphalt, asphalting adjacent areas, as well as for filling joints and cracks with bitumen emulsion. Bitumen emulsion is supplied from a 500-litre tank, which is mounted directly on the mounting platform. Heating system allows the bitumen emulsion sprayer to be used in cold weather. It is easy to use. It has its own flushing system. It is manufactured on the frame, or mounted on a trailer.


✔️ Engine with electric starter HONDA
✔️ Productivity: 28 l/min
✔️ Spraying width of the spraying bar: 1,7 m (modularised, consisting of 3 sections, with rubber protection plates that protect against contamination and emulsion in unplanned areas)
✔️ Remote control of the spray bar
✔️ System cleaning: 3-level, with diesel fuel
✔️ Tank self-priming function
✔️ Installation on a frame or on a trailer at the request of the customer
✔️ Emulsion tank heating system
✔️ 500 litres tank
✔️ Ability to connect a third-party compressor for cleaning the spraying bar
✔️ Thermal sensor: mechanical
✔️ Manual spraying rod

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