Model HB-2

The HOTBOX HB-2 is made to save appropriate properties of a hot asphalt. It is necessary during transport of the asphalt from plant to repair place.

Asphalt is been loading in the upper hatch. The HOTBOX HB-2 is covered with Direct Contact Heating System. It is necessary to prevent heat loss. We use high quality thermal insulation mineral wool around the tank. HB-2 has outer protective covering. You can take of hot asphalt from back hatch. Back hatch has a mechanical shutter.

Control block contains diesel tank, diesel burner, and hydraulic engine.


HB-2 characteristics:

– whole year work;
– last payback;
– comparably higher repair quality using “hot-to-hot” technology;
– automatic asphalt temperature controller;
– diesel burner;
– autonomous hydraulic system;
– powered by car battery;
– mounted on a truck or trailer;
– Tank capacity 1.3 m3 (2 tons of hot asphalt)