Model BS-200 contains

SPRAYING SYSTEM: hand spray rod – 4 m / 13 ft.

Power block (gasoline air-cooled engine – HONDA 200 cc 4,8 hp / 3,6 kWt).

Gear pump.

Container with diesel for cleaning system.

Gearbox clutch.

Safety valve (bypass).

Frame for emulsion barrel (200 l / 53 gal) – the barrel is not included.


  • Cleaning system (with a help of diesel oil).
  • The power block can be detached from the unit and installed on another transport platform.
  • Easy replacement of barrels (you can use all types of euro barrels for oil liquid).
  • Built-in heating system (gas propane burner and small flame tube).
  • Easy for long-distance transport.
  • Warranty: 1 year.